About Us

At Solar Creations, we help you build a path to a new way of living. Our solar services empower both residential and commercial clients to generate clean, reliable energy on their own terms.  We are committed to working with you to develop a plan for reducing, or even completely eliminating, your reliance on the old way of producing energy.  

We proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Oklahoma and beyond.  Contact us today to discuss your project. 

Solar Creation Services


For commercial projects, we look closely at your usage profile, your facility, and your requirements for capital expenditure.  We then can go over various system configuration options and give you a detailed look at how each will affect payback period, ROI, and your bottom line.  There are tax advantages associated with going solar, and we will work with your team to investigate these. 

We understand that along with the goal of producing environmentally responsible clean energy at your facility, the numbers must work.  We have the expertise to make that happen. 


We take a comprehensive approach to residential system design.  We look at your historical energy usage, the specifics of your home, and your goals as a family.  Then we show you several options and clearly explain the possibilities moving forward.  Some companies will look at a single utility bill and give you one option.  That’s not how we do business.  When you’re ready to begin making your own clean energy to benefit your family and your community, we have the tools to show you what’s possible.

worker installing solar roof panels