Home Battery Backup – A helpful look at the Enphase Encharge System for Residential Solar in Oklahoma

Many home battery backup systems rely on a critical loads subpanel, which is essentially a second electrical panel where certain circuits are moved so that only these circuits receive power from the batteries during a utility grid outage. This ensures that the battery system doesn’t get overloaded, and it also provides maximum backup time by removing power-hungry devices that aren’t critical from the scenario when using the battery bank.

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Federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) extended

Oklahoma is among the top states in the nation for solar energy production potential (Project Sunroof Data Explorer, 2018), and more homes and businesses are making the switch to solar every year. Today’s solar power systems are incredibly capable and affordable, and the recent extension of the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) means there’s never been a better time to go solar in Oklahoma.

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