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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

At Solar Creations, we recognize that the environmental benefits alone are not always sufficient when you’re ready to invest in a solar power system – the numbers have to work as well.  We present several options to you and can look closely with your team at the payback period, ROI, and tax advantages of each system we design.

Solar Creations is ready to help your business take control of its energy costs by generating clean power onsite at your facility. As a commercial property owner, you want to manage costs and effectively leverage capital to grow your core business. We can help you dramatically lower your energy costs while greatly increasing the predictability of your energy expenses over time,  all while giving you the peace of mind and the positive response from the community that come with committing to clean energy.   

solar panels producing clean energy

Savings in real time

Solar power systems make more sense for businesses now than ever before.  Compelling tax advantages, appreciable savings with favorable payback periods, and more predictable energy costs make solar attractive on the financial side.  Additionally, making a commitment to clean, renewable energy has a dramatic impact on the community and provides excellent optics that your PR team will love.  Solar is a win-win for your business, and Solar Creations is your trusted partner as you make the switch to the future of energy. 

solar panel roof installation

How it works

Your business is unique, and your solar power generation system should be too.  We start by analyzing your energy usage over the past year and developing systems that offset various percentages of your annual demand.  We deploy our state-of-the-art software tools and create system models that take your specific structure and location into account to generate bankable solar energy production estimates.  We then go over the projected savings, payback periods, tax advantages, and other financial aspects of each system scenario with your decision-making team. 

Here are just a few of the things we will look at with you as we design your system:

  • System type: Rooftop vs ground-mount array.  We can even do carports or other structures depending on your site and your goals
  • Battery and/or generator backup systems
  • Future expansion possibilities


When you have selected the system that best meets your needs, we streamline the permitting, installation, and commissioning process so that you can focus on your core business.  Our team will always be courteous and professional, and we will never leave a mess behind.  We’ll walk you through all the details once the system has been commissioned, and we won’t leave the site until you’re satisfied.  When you choose Solar Creations, we’ll be there for you for the life of your system.