Residential Solar Panel Systems

Going solar at your home is an opportunity for you and your family to reduce costs, guard against outages and protect the environment for the future. The peace of mind and the savings are just a couple of benefits you will start enjoying right away. 

At Solar Creations, we make it easy for you to start generating your own clean power at home. 

Savings in real time

Solar power systems make more sense for Oklahoma homes now than ever before.  Compelling tax advantages, appreciable savings with favorable payback periods, and more predictable energy costs make solar attractive on the financial side.  Additionally, making a commitment to clean, renewable energy has a dramatic impact on the community and provides excellent benefits to your family’s expenses.  Solar is a win-win for your home, and Solar Creations is your trusted local partner as you make the switch to the future of energy.


How it works

As a homeowner, you will be making a long-term investment in your property. We take the time to answer all of your questions while we customize a solar solution that perfectly matches your home and your lifestyle. We’ll look at all the latest technologies with you, including battery and generator backup systems for going completely off-grid. Your needs are unique, and we design specifically for your home.

Here are just a few of the things we will look at with you as we design your system:

  • System type: Rooftop vs ground-mount array. 
  • Current electricity consumption
  • Impact of cash purchase vs financing
  • Estimated solar production based on local weather patterns and your specific roof layout
  • Battery and/or generator backup systems
  • Future expansion possibilities

Homeowner Benefits


One of the primary benefits of going solar is the considerable savings you’ll realize on each month’s electric bill. Better yet, your electricity costs will now be much more consistent and predictable once you are in control of generating your own power.  Over time, the savings only continue to grow. 

Increased Home Value

While the numbers vary by market, a recent Zillow analysis concluded that homes with solar panels sell for an average of 4.1% more than comparable homes without them. 

Reliable & Environmentally Responsible Power

Solar energy is a clean, reliable, and renewable source of power that you can feel good about utilizing for years to come. We will give you the keys to start generating clean power for your home on your own terms.

family with solar panels

The Installation Process

When you have selected the system that best meets your needs, we streamline the permitting, installation, and commissioning process.  We’ll walk you through all the details once the system has been commissioned, and we won’t leave the site until you’re satisfied. When you choose Solar Creations, we’ll be there for you for the life of your system. 

Engineering Site Visit

One of our engineers will visit your property to evaluate the electrical status of your home, the condition of your roof and other system compatibility measures. This ensures your system will function properly or let us know if changes are required.

Permits and Documentation

Installing a solar energy system requires permits and approvals from various local agencies and the utility provider. Our team will handle all of this for you and make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. Once complete, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to complete IRS form 5695 with your tax preparer in order to claim your 26% federal tax credit.

Ordering Equipment

We offer a number of energy system designs and types. Once we’ve engineered your system, we will order the panels and inverters. Then we’ll schedule your install.

Solar Panel Installation

Our installers will prep your roof, install and connect electrical wiring, and attach a rack with the solar panels onto the selected site.

Approval and Interconnection

We work with OG&E and local government to prepare for grid interconnection. A local inspection will evaluate the solar panel system. Once approved, the panels will connect and produce energy.

Claim Incentives and Savings

Enjoy free clean energy, claim incentives and reap the savings and feel secure with our system lifetime warranty. We also provide monitoring, updates and maintenance.